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Empires & Allies Fleet Week!

Tonight Empires & Allies released their new batch of LE units, along with a brand new statue for this event! The ships this week are actually based on real life boats, isn’t that cool? This time, we are greeted by 3 new ships; the Yamato, the HMS Hood, and a popular USA Air Craft Carrier, the USS Enterprise! We also see the re-release of the Bismarck ship released in the German Event a couple weeks ago. There is also a new statue, the Heroic Captian Statue to add to your collection for only 20,000 coins! (You can also get a free one by completing one of the missions that came with this release)
However this time around we are notified of some good news, if you unlock 3 of the ships released this week, you will unlock the USS Enterprise for free! That’s right able to build the USS Enterprise for life!

Empires & Allies: Defense Tower II available for extra island protection

Zynga has updated Empires & Allies this afternoon, offering users a chance to purchase a second Defense Tower for their island(s). As we told you previously, the Defense Tower feature allows you to build a tower on your land, which will protect a nearby section of homes and items from Invasion from your enemies. If you were disappointed in the area of effect, you can now have two towers on your land, and the tower itself has an entirely new look (pictured).
Empires & Allies: Defense Tower II available for extra island protection
While this second Defense Tower works the same as the first, and does not have a larger area of effect (that is, it protects the same sized area of land as your first tower), it does add another activation slot to the feature, allowing you to keep these towers active for up to 32 hours.
Remember, even though these Defense Towers protect some of your buildings (hopefully you’ve placed them near your most important structures that would give your enemies the most resources if stormed), you can still Invade other empires at will. You’ll just need to keep supplying your towers with energy drinks to keep them moving.
If this feature goes over well, or as our empires continue to grow in terms of land size, it’s presumable that Zynga will add more Defense Towers to the game’s lineup, and we’ll make sure to let you know if they do.


It’s time for our Level-Up Sweepstakes!
Are you out there fighting the good fight against the Dark Alliance? If you’re ready to declare your allegiance, then report for duty on our Facebook fanpage and the offical page here: Facebook fanpage!
As we hit the fan goals outlined below, players will have the chance to win Empire Points, as well as one of several Apple iPads!
The giveaway starts on June 15, 2011 and ends when we reach our goal of 10 million fans. (“Promotion Period”)
This contest is open to Empires & Allies players aged 18 or older that have an account in good standing with Zynga who also register to participate. Adherence to the Zynga Terms of Service is a requirement.
To register for a chance to win a prize at each of our goals take the following steps:
Go to the Empires & Allies application and click the “Like” button above the game screen. Or, go to the fanpage directly at http://www.facebook.com/EmpiresAndAllies and click the “Like” button at the top of the page. If you have already “Liked” Empires & Allies, you are already eligible to win and only have to follow the email steps below to register.
Send an email to empirescommunity@zynga.com.
Put “Reporting For Duty!” in the subject line.
Put your name, Facebook profile link, and FB UID in the body of the message. If you’re not sure how to find your FB UID, check here.
By registering, you will be indicating that Zynga has permission to announce your name if you are chosen as the winner. Only registrations received before each goal is met will be eligible for the corresponding drawing.
To be eligible for the drawing, you must follow the steps above. Winners will be drawn and announced within 1 week of the day we hit our individual goals. After winning, a prize recipient will not be eligible in future drawings for this particular sweepstakes—but stay in the know about features and future contests by Liking Empires & Allies!
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. MAKING A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Void where prohibited. Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion.
For every 1,000,000 fans who Like our fanpage:
500 people will win 250 Empire Points!
3 people will win 500 Empire Points and a 16 GB Apple iPad 2 with WiFi!
Lucky winners that have registered will be randomly chosen after we hit each goal.
Now get in there and give ‘em heck!

Empires & Allies Power-Up Factory

Today, Zynga is going to pump … you up! (’90s SNL fans, anyone?) The developer has released an interesting update to Empires & Allies called the Power-Up Factory.
This brand new building, introduced through a few simple Goals, allows players to build their own power-ups for us in battle. And while building the factory is certainly simple, building the power-ups inside might throw you for a loop. Let’s check it out:

 The Salt Mine
•Place the Power-Up Factory
•Complete the Power-Up Factory
The first Goal in this series is almost too simple. Just either click the “Build Now” button when it’s presented to you, or find the building in your Inventory and place it on your Empire. Then, click the factory three times at one Energy per click to build it. And … that’s it–no friends to staff it, no special resources from friends needed. Your reward comes in the form of an EMP and a Flash Grenade, tools you’ll need in the Power-Up Factory.

Factory Floor
•Build 3 Power-Ups
•Use 2 Power-Ups in Combat
This is where the tough part comes in. Every single power-up requires you to ask your friends for a multitude of special resources. For instance, just one Field Repairs I power-up requires four Power Supplies, two Laser Sights and four Monkey Wrenches, all of which you must find by asking your friends to send them to you.

Of course, you can buy the parts for Empire Points, but you may as well just the power-ups outright at that point. To use power-ups in battle, just click on the big green button and select which power-up you want to use. Unfortunately, information on the reward for completing this Goal isn’t yet available. We’re guessing the building wasn’t so hard to create given that every single power-up requires you to ask numerous friends to create.

Special Forces Spectacular PT-2

Empires and Allies has just released the second part of the event Special Forces Spectacular with two news sea units! Sadely once again all the units will have to be bought with Empire Points. The second part to Special Forces Spectacular includes 2 new sea units, the Night Ops Boat and the Stealth Boat. However, enough talk let’s get right to it!

UNRELEASED Special Forces Spectacular PT-2!

Tonight was the release of the 1st addition to a new event called Special Forces Spectacular and with it came 2 new planes, a new soldier, and 2 new decorations! (Read all about it here) However later in the week will be coming the 2nd part and with it will come 2 new ships and another new decoration! Our best guess is that the decoration will be for coins, and the new ships will cost Empire Points. So before it hits game, let’s get a sneak peak at that content!

Special Forces Spectacular PT-1

Empires and Allies has just released another 2 part event with new planes, ships, soldiers, and decorations! Sadely once again all the units will have to be bought with Empire Points, however the decorations will be available to be purchased with coins. The first part to Special Forces Spectacular includes 2 new gun ships, the Spectre Gun Ship and the Spectre Night Ops, as well as a new soldier named The Commando. However, enough talk let’s get right to it!

Empires & Allies Slot Machine! COMING SOON!

Along with the Global PVP feature, comes the Slot Machine! This is Empires & Allies’ “gambling” feature we presume, as most of their other games include a feature similar to this. The way this will mainly work is that you will earn these items called PVP Tokens buy participating in the Global PVP. You will most likely also be able to purchase more of them for Empire Points, or ask friends for some.
With this you have the possibility to win a number of prizes including but not limited to; Coins, Wood, Oil, various Ore, possibly power ups, and maybe even Units!
maybe even Units!
Many of you may have noticed the button for the Global PVP feature in game, and that is says that it is coming very soon! Our best guess is that it will be coming early next week if everything goes smoothly. Along with the Global PVP feature, there is another smaller feature that will be coming along with it. It is called The Slot Machine(click here to read more on the Slot Machine). So without a further ado, let’s get the sneak peak at this new feature!

Empires & Allies Global PVP! COMING SOON!

Many of you may have noticed the button for the Global PVP feature in game, and that is says that it is coming very soon! Our best guess is that it will be coming early next week if everything goes smoothly. Along with the Global PVP feature, there is another smaller feature that will be coming along with it. It is called The Slot Machine(I will talk abaut that feature later). So without a further ado, let’s get the sneak peak at this new feature!

As we stated in our previous post on the Global PVP, we said that with this feature that you will be able to “challenge” or invade another player who may not necessarily be your neighbor in the game. You will be able to innitiate the attack from a new building, that we think will be called “The War Room” (This isn’t the official name yet however).
War Room-icon.png
Along with the new building, there are also a few new decorations that are very similar to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies won in the Leaderboards. They are Globe Trophies, that we believe you will earn via a possible new leaderboard, from Invading so many people in Global PVP, or maybe even from the possible Slot Machine addition.


Empires & Allies New Theme: Battlefield Bonanza! Part 1

Today, Empires & Allies kicked off Part 1 of 2 of the event named Battlefield Bonanza! The first part of it’s release includes 2 new Artillery units called the Thumper Artillery, and a new statue called the Growler Statue. Tomorrow Empires & Allies will be releasing the second half of the new content, which will include new experimental air craft units, however we have a preview of what they will look like! So let’s get to it shall we?

Here is a sneak peak of the Experimental Air Craft and decoration coming tomorrow!

All of the Thumper Artillery can be permanently unlocked in the same way as the Black Forest Jubilee units, and the experimental air craft tomorrow will be available through questing!

Along with this release there were a couple game additions and bug fixes.
The Ore Investment Leaderboard is back! you’re starting from scratch this time, so if you didn’t quite reach your goal last time it was up, now’s your chance!
Fixed an issue where pictures weren’t loading properly in the neighbor bar.
Miscellaneous other bug fixes.


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